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There are matchmakers, and they are matchmakers from Black People Marry. If you are looking to get married, having a professional matchmaker isn’t enough but one that works in your best interest ensuring that your match and the relationship stand the storms of time is a priority.

If the price of love is something worth investing in, then you should use the right services for a friendship that develops into a marriage with matchmakers from Black People Marry.


What We Offer


Personalized Matchmaking

Matchmaking is what we do, and over the years we have sharpened our skills and intuitions to help single black males and females tie the knot without wasting time and resources as one would usually experience in a dating site. Our matchmaking services are second to none; we take the time to delve deeper into your life to ensure that all loops and gaps are covered and bridges mended for the perfect match. We don’t take chances, and we won’t let you suffer one too. 


Date Coaching

We realize that most of our clients are people that have been out of the dating scene for a very long time or have had a bad experience with dating or even have lost touch with the latest and appropriate dating etiquette to find a good man or woman on their own. If you are in any of the above categories, Black People Marry will give you coaching tips to follow on every date to truly know if you are a match with the chosen one.

We have over the years developed practical and successful steps to get you from zero to hero in the dating scene without looking lost, confused or outdated. You can never go south with our tips.


Image Consulting

Your image is everything; whether you are selling a brand or looking for a match. We will not cover any lapses or tell a lie about who our clients are, but we will polish you up to fit into the dating scene without cutting corners. At Black People Marry, we have professional image consulting specialist that will give you a professional and personal uplift in your appearance, behavior, attitude, communication skill, social etiquette, fashion sense, and even body language to get the date and relationship of your dreams.

If you haven’t got it, we will teach you how to get there.

What to Expect


Our Matchmaking Process

Finding the right man or woman to spend a lifetime with is no joke, and to ensure that we never let a client down, we have several steps in our matchmaking arsenal for you to take before you meet your dream partner.

Phone Consultation

Every relationship starts with a phone call. At Black People Marry, we have a 15-minute call from our establishment to learn more about your requirement and explain the matchmaking process. If we feel that we can help you based on your expectations and what you want in a mate, we will proceed to the next phase: the interview.

The Interview

A typical interview process involves booking date and time with our matchmaker. The interview process lasts about 30 to 45 minutes. During this process, we delve deeper into your dating history and ask you difficult questions- very hard and personal questions like you dating pattern, challenges with dating, failures, successes, your needs and goals. 

A detailed report of 1 to 2 pages will be sent to you with an overview result from the interview including a suggested dating action plan, customized and practical tips to help you enhance your dating skills, build strong and long-lasting relationships that lead to the altar and successful marriage.

The report also includes any and all areas you need to focus on to make your dating life easier and improve your chances of hooking up a partner for life.

Furthermore, there is a non-refundable fee of $75 for the interview as matchmaking is a huge investment in terms of time, energy and canvassing through profiles to get your match.

Once this stage is passed and you wish to continue, we will gladly proceed with the next phase.

Membership and Enrollment

When your interview and acceptance is guaranteed, you have to register with us to establish a membership position with us.  Black People Marry is not your regular matchmaking firm that offers lengthy membership fees – we don’t do annual or bi-annual memberships. If you decide to be a member, you have to adhere to the following.

  • You have to pay a one-time joining fee of $200 and a $35 fee for every member introduced to you. This way you pay for the services you need when you need it.
  • You will submit fully to a criminal and identity background check to ensure the safety of all our members including you. 

When you have completed and passed all our requirements, you are enrolled in our database, and we are moving up to the next stage.  

Notice of Introduction

This is where the fun begins. Your matchmaker or client representatives will sit down and hand-select matches that suit the criteria you stated from our in-house, private database. You will be getting notice of introduction with the necessary information about each match with a link for you to make payment should you accept anyone.

The notice of introduction will only bear the match first name, physical description, age, hobbies, interest and contact number. Your match and you are responsible for taking the initial step, setting up a date and going through the process.

Black People Marry will not share pictures of you or your matches anywhere even on our platform as a sign of respect and privacy.

Dating Survey Feedback

In keeping with tradition, Black people Marry want to hear how your first date went – you are our babies- we want to know if you like it or not. This information will enable us to fine-tune your specs, adjust your profile and introduction criteria to ensure that if the first was unsuccessful, then the second will definitely be a hit. We do this by sending you a brief electronic survey for you to fill it out and send it back. 

The Pause or Hold Option – When a date goes right – we are happy. If you are dating any of the matches on an exclusive level or have developed a fond relationship that is heading the right path, you have the pause or hold options to use on your membership.

This service option allows us to know that you have a match you are pursuing and will not be available for any other suitable matches.

Our services are clear and transparent. If you desire something specific in a relationship, and in a partner, then matchmaking at Black People Marry is the place to be.


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