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We are not the regular matchmaking site. We use the traditional methods to search for partners that suit you, and also ready for marriage. What we offer goes beyond the pages of our site; we deal with each client individually and ensure every match is the right one.


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Welcome to blackpeoplemarry.com, the best personalized matchmaking service for black singles looking for a lasting relationship to build a marriage.

Isn’t it surprising that regardless of the number of dating sites popping up every other day that people of marriageable age still prefer the services of a matchmaker when it comes to settling down and finding someone that is just right for them? Even though people have a different excuse for using a matchmaker, the truth is the conventional route for looking for a partner is the best way to go if marriage is truly your thing.

Black People Marry is a matchmaking agency specifically designed to cater for the marriage-minded black individuals that truly want to get married to the right person. Our agency is a professionally based unit built on the spirituality of loving one another. We leverage on this bible quote and using your specification search for the best man or woman that matches you all round – hobbies, character, goals and future interest to unite you with black love in a union that is supportive, encouraging and spiritually satisfying for both of you.

Why use a matchmaker to find love?


No wasting time

If you are truly seeking the perfect match and can waste your time date hopping, seeking the professional services of a matchmaker will save you time and trouble. Instead of going through the process of scanning through a million profiles for your match, the matchmaker collects your specs and matches directly with your choice. This will have you going on a date before you can say, matchmaker.

Your chances of finding a partner are higher

At Black People Marry, we have a higher success rate of matching you with your partner and enjoying a meaningful relationship faster than a dating site. With the right coaching and meetings, you have a higher chance of meeting the one.


Contrary to online dating, where you meet people that don’t share the same goals with you, having a matchmaker helps you find a partner that is your match.  With a matchmaker, you're guaranteed of an assured match.


Every single man or woman on our matchmaking file has been verified and checked to ensure that you are who you are or say. That means all the basics are covered and the data you receive is authentic.


Before you finally get the date with that unique match, you get feedback from the matchmakers regarding any area of your life that might hinder your relationship from moving forward. This feedback allows you to adjust your specs and attitude if you are truly serious about meeting the right person.

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